Importance of word of mouth marketing

Ever wonder how you can entice your customers for the first time? With an awesome service? Or with an excellent product?


An exceptional marketing tactic allures your customer.  Before trying your product or service, customers interacts with your marketing medium. Yes it does has impact.

According to Nielsen reports more than 80% people make purchase after being recommended by their family members. Word of mouth marketing is an effective medium through which your brand grows exponentially.

The way word of mouth marketing used to be done in 80's and 90's will not be working now. You must integrate your online presence with offline marketing to take its advantage.

Growing need for social media optimization is in some way distracting companies goal. To take advantage of social media one must use the right strategy and not just concentrating on likes and shares.

Kimberly whitler states that word of mouth marketing is being a part of social media platform. She says even in seminars and events it holds interesting role in getting the word to potential customers.

So you can conclude that word of mouth marketing is always being an important aspect of business marketing.

American Marketing Association after interviewing marketing professionals conclude that 64% of professionals believe that word of mouth marketing works but only 6% of them mastered it.

To master word of mouth marketing you must initially engage, equip and empower. Gift them a custom personalized tote bags or ballpoint pens to initiate the engagement. A gift with your business name on it will increase the relation with the customer.

Take the advantage of your online presence by dragging them into discussion. You can use hashtags to trigger the discussion. Remember to use short and retweetably hashtags.

Give them importance, either by asking them an idea or suggestion. Lays company asked their customers to make a potato flavor of their own choice, by this the brand made great sales in 2013.

With growing technology you can blend it to fit your traditional word of mouth marketing and grow your business exponentially.


Importance of Logo's Color

Try to understand the science behind color and its effect on your business. People may think having best product and huge marketing exposure can bring loads of sales.

Yes, they can. But, when the market is filled with competition you can't expect to run a successful business without having a brandable logo color.

Like your business name shows your business, its logo color will help to build trust among your customers. Reports say that color does impact on customer's feelings. Psychology report by a marketing company concludes that people make the judgment about a product in subconscious mind within 90 seconds, and majority people consider color for assessment.

Before you run your visual mind to select a color let me give few examples.

Facebook used blue color because it stands for trust, stability and intelligence. Blue is man's color and it stimulates calming effect.

Red color exhibits energy, war and passion. It also used to make quick decisions; this is why most designers use red on buy button., most of its users is women. So, accordingly they concentrated on their fancy logo and related color, which stands for love.

Green color used by eco-friendly companies, whereas dark green is associated with money.

You can get more about color and their meaning here.

Now, you know what your company stands for and what its relevant colors are. Select 2 colors first, and they should work with each other. Mean when you use both of them they should look good. Blue and green, red and yellow are good combination.

This color will be your brand's color. You shouldn't change this color with different marketing strategies. Every tactic and poster will have same colors.

Here is an infographics showing psychology of color.


How to pick a brand business name?

Name is very important for a business or for a person. Many actors change their names to short and enticing names. Likewise a business should concentrate to select a brandable business name.

Below slide will help you.

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3 ways to integrate offline marketing into your online marketing

The way we market has undergone drastic change in last 20 years. The marketing strategies used in 80's and 90's may not work now. For a business, which is dealing offline or online internet is the mean way to promote, drive sales and establish has a brand.

Offline marketing is useless.

You're heading in a wrong way, if you assume so. Still consumers show positive reaction to traditional marketing. For me, online marketing is no different from offline marketing, only tools and strategies have changed but the core strategy to lure consumers buy your service is same.

Why it’s important to incorporate offline marketing into online marketing?

I agree that offline marketing can't drive sales like before. But, let me explain this by an example. Obsessed with your old mobile, you decided to buy a new smart phone. Where the best place other than online?

Studies show, that users do research and compare prices in all major ecommerce sites before buying a product. So, obviously you wear a research cap for few hours. Now, you've shortlisted two major sites. Let’s say A and B.

Company A is completely targeting online to get leads, while company B tried both tactics offline and online. Assume that you got to see their traditional ad somewhere. Now, ask yourself will you buy from the company A or B. (Here both company’s rates and service are nearly equal)

Without a second you'll go for company B. Because your trust rate on B is more due to two medium of marketing.

And it’s not breaking news, businesses started using this tactic to increase brand.

How to Incorporate Offline Marketing?

1. Participate in Events

You've excellent online presence; this doesn't mean that everyone knew about your brand offline. Though millions are using internet, 40+ people in most countries prefer offline brands.

Events and trade shows are best way to get offline exposure to your online presence. You need to come up with a creative marketing strategy, as your competitor also comes up to show themselves. Mostly, companies distribute promotional items like bags, backpacks and pens with imprinted business logo.

These promotional products give your brand a maximum exposure by taking your business name, logo, address and social accounts. It increases trust and credibility among your customers.

2. Direct Mail

Are you mad?

Mail? Who reads? Yes, there are very few businesses who're trying these strategies. This is why you've less competition.

People with mail box are more than computers and laptops. Because there is no competition, you can stand along to attract potential customers.

But, your strategy to send a traditional mail must be different. discussed this tactic very well.

Give your post card a traditional and real look. Avoid corporate graphics and logo. Be brief with your website URL or social profile.

3. Integrate Mobile Device

Almost everyone now has a personal mobile phone. You can either send them promotional bulk messages, which has not serious impact on them.

Or, print QR codes on your promotional stickers and flyers. QR code can drive to landing page, site or social profile. Best way to allure them is to give them a free or discounted offer.

Embedding online marketing in offline marketing can help you to knock out your competitor. Only thing is you must come up with creative marketing strategy, else you may fail badly.

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